What is Happy School?

Happy school is an fully integrated and intelligent online software solution to automate and enhance the quality of education and administration in schools and colleges by collecting and coordinating the full school data on a daily basis and providing a single point of control and information flow for all stakeholders involved in a school namely students, parents, teachers and administrators.

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Multiple Devices

Accessible in multiple devices. Mobile apps also available.

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An App For Everyone in your School

Parent App

Parents App helps parents to track progress of their children everyday at school. They can check attendance, activities, accolades and feedback of their children from teachers.

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Teacher App

Teachers App helps the teachers to keep the details of the class students like academic performance, attendance, assignments, behaviour, parent communications and accolades.

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Admin App

Admin App helps the administrators to manage the schools. It helps to understand important aspects like class / teacher performance, overall progress, parent satisfaction etc.

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Student App

Students App helps students to learn things and manage activities easily. It makes them to understand what is expected out of them by their parents, teachers and school.

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Every single feature you need for your school

Connects all people in a school

HappySchool connects students, teachers,parents and school admins and enables seamless communication between them.

Student Information

Access personal profile info, parent details, marks, behaviour details, attendance and homework status anytime.

Teacher Information

Access class information, attendance, marks and behaviour for students, assign homeworks and communicate anytime.

Parent Information

Access the child's profile details, attendance, marks, behaviour information and communicate with teachers anytime.

Admin Information

Access overall school status, attendance, class / student performance, teacher performance and communicate with all.

Homework Module

Enables seamless homework assignment by teachers and submission of homeworks and assignments by classs students.

Track Attendance

Help teachers to tracks attendance of students and ensures that the information is shared with parents instantly.

Behaviour Patterns

Enables teachers to track students behaviour over a period of time and communicate with parents incase of issues.

Exams and Results

Simplifies the process of adding marks by teacher and ensures that the marks are sent to parents and school admins.

Instant Messaging

Simplies communications between teachers, parents, students and admins with intelligent notification and messaging.

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